When i think of Star Alila i think of a stellar celestial display that sometimes takes our breath away...a shooting star...streaming and beaming across the night sky, elucidating Spirit and inciting wishes. Alila means surprise in Sanskrit. The surprise and elation we experience when witnessing a shooting star, or any wonder of Nature, can be channeled and translated a gazillion ways. How do you translate it? 
i like to create Spirit wear, reminding myself and those who share in my creations that we are all supernal, radiating and emanating brilliantly. 
i work with repurposed leather, and stones and crystals that feel potent to me. The creations are influenced by Moonlight bathing, Sunshine soaking, birdsong, dog power and plant allies such as passionflower and palo santo. 

   Welcome to Star Alila. I hope you like what you see...and feel.

                                                             In joy,

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